viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 45

De vuelta con el show luego de unos meses de descanso,esta vez para oir Indierock e Indiepop de los 80´s.Si deseas descargar el show puedes hacerlo facilmente AQUI pero si deseas oirlo online aqui puedes directamente escucharlo.Espero que te diviertas con esta nueva edicion del show.
We are back after a short break this time enjoying Indiepop and Indierock from the 80´s.If you like to have it on your computer please make click HERE but if you want to listen it online go to the player down here.I hope you enjoy this new issue of the show.

1) The Sullivans "optismt"
2) A Riot Of Colour "put to sleep"
3) Beer On The Penguin "pictures"
4) The Tripps "sometime today"
5) The Mayfields "seasons pass"
6) The Escape Club "slow train"
7) Stranger To Stranger "opportunity"
8) The Loft "time"
9) East Village "kathleen"
10) Playing at Trains "world without love"
11) Mirrors Over Kiev "loves cold days"
12) Chalk Garden "drunk among the trees"
13) The Claim "lonely tarts"
14) Bouquet "caramel girl"
15) Black Cillas "sebastian"
16) Bam Bam & The Calling "secret meeting"

sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 44

En esta oportunidad mas de una hora de Northern Soul de vocalistas femeninas.Si deseas bajarte el programam en tu pc solo tienes que hacer click Aqui y si deseas online entonces en el player aqui abajo.Espero que esta edicion sea de tu agrado.
This time one hour of Northern Soul wirh female vocals.If you wanto to download the show go Here if not go to the player below.I hope you enjoy this show.

Playlist :
1) Etta James “something´s got a hold on me”
2) Patti Austin “didnt say a word”
3) Irma Thomas “what are you trying to do”
4) Sue Lynn “dont pity me”
5) The Fascinations “girls are out to get you”
6) Rose Batiste “hit and run”
7) Jessie Mae “dont freeze on me”
8) Marcia Hines “you gotta let go”
9) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas “quick sand”
10) Rose Valentine “ive gotta know right now”
11) Sandi Sheldon “youre gonna make me love you”
12) Sandy Wynns “the touch of venus”
13) The Devons “someone to treat me”
14) Lynn Randell “stranger in my arm”
15) Young Ladies “im tired of running around”
16) Shirley Lawson “one more chance”
17) Reparata & The Deltons “panic”
18) Cynthia And The Imaginations “is there anyone,anywhere”
19) Brenda & The Tabulations “thats the past”
20) Jannette Williams “stuff”

martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 43

Esta vez un programa dedicado integramente a bandas de Jangle Pop de la decada de los 80´s.Para oir el programa en tu pc solo haz click Aqui y si deseas online haz click en el player abajo.
This time the show would be all about Jangle Pop of the 80´s.If you want the show on your pc make click Here and if you want the show online make click on the player below.

Tracklist : 
1) Enemies In The Grass "day after day"
2) Ever "wednesday"
3) Me and Dean Martin "me and my paisley shirt"
4) Murrumbidgee Whalers "in a garden"
5) Scale The Heights "down the hill"
6) Start "where i want to be"
7) The Desert Wolves "mexico"
8) The Fat Lady Sings "fear and favour"
9) The jerks "waterskin"
10) The Labradogs "get lonely"
11) The Odolites "i´ll show you why"
12) The Penny Candles "tal majal"
13) The Unknow "i wonder why"
14) Ups & Downs "in the shadows"
15) Victoria Tin "snow violet heaven"
16) Wake Up Afrika "simply works"

jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 42

De vuelta con una hora de musica Indierock de los 80´s.Las bandas aqui expuestas esta vez forman parte de mi coleccion de vinilos.Para poder oir el show en tu pc puedes dar click Aqui y si deseas oirlo en esta pagina,entonces puedes darle play al player de abajo.
We are back this time fulled with 80´s Indierock from my very own vinyl collection.To download the show make click Here or if you want to listen it here go to the player down.

Playlist : 
* Shack “emergency”
* Bob “convenience”
* Hurrah! “the sun shine here”
* Pale Foundation “jeans not happening”
* The Adventures “two rivers”
* The Brillant Corners “delilah sands”
* The Care “flaming sword”
* The Watermelon Men “back in my dreams”
* The Woodentrops “love train”
* Guadalcanal Diary “jamboree”
* Anastasia Screamed “samantha black”
* That Petrol Emotion “cant stop”
* So “are you sure”
* The Lucy Show “a million things”
* The Wild Swan “bringing home the ashes”
* Prefab Sprout “when love breaks down”

viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 41

Esta vez con una hora de Emo el cual fue lanzado entre los finales de los 90´s y los finales de los 2000.Bandas las cuales con su sonido y propuesta hicieron que el estilo se afianze y se haga mas reconocido.Si deseas oir el show en tu pc haz click Aqui o directamente desde esta pagina en el player abajo.Espero poder leer tus comunicaciones con ideas para los proximos show.

This time one hour of pure Emo,songs that were released between end of the 90´s and end of the 2000.Bands that with their sound gave a form of the scene of this days.If you want to play this on your pc make click Here or directly from this site on the player below.I wait for your emails with ideas for the next show.

 * Playlist :

1) Rainer Maria "ear rings"
2) Sarge "beguiling"
3) Elocine "the last panic"
4) Metroplex "look outside"
5) Lavadorama "collectors"
6) Noir "untitled"
7) As Tall As Lions "break blossom!
8) Golden City "brighten"
9) Oliver "straightest jacket"
10) Lukestar "alpine unit"
11) The Milwaukees "breakout song"
12) The Format "wait wait wait"
13) This Day And Age "tomorrow is waiting"
14) Spitalfield "what were you thinking?"
15) Benton Falls "angel in hiatus"

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 40

Esta vez con un poco mas de una hora de IndieRock de los 80´s.Recordamos esta excelente epoca en este estilo y revisamos bandas las cuales tuvieron un cierto nivel de reconocimiento,pero que a la vez permanecieron el el ambito underground.Si deseas oir el programa en tu pc,puedes descargarlo Aqui o si deseas oirlo online,haz click en el player.Espero que disfrutes de esta edicion.
This time a bit more than an hour with only 80´s IndieRock.We take back this golden age of Indie music with bands that got a bit of name at the time but still stayed underground.If you want the show on your pc make click Here and if you want to listen it online go to the player below.I hope you enjoy this issue of the show.

* Playlist :

1) The Mighty Lemon Drops "fall down (like the rain)
2) The Dream Academy "the edge of forever"
3) The Chills "oncoming day"
4) Two People "heaven"
5) The Railway Children "careful"
6) Mighty Mighty "blue and green"
7) One Thousand Violins "like 1000 violins"
8) The Chesterf!elds "completely and utterly"
9) Ever "sleepyhead"
10) The Caretaker Race "somewhere on sea"
11) Cherry Orchand "this big love"
12) The Bible "the wishing game"
13) The Church "tear it all away"
14) Icicle Work "whisper to a scream (birds fly)"
15) The Fixx "stand or fall"
16) Brandford "always torn"

sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 39

Estamos de vuelta para brindarte una hora de IndiePop y TweePop.en esta ocasion podras disfrutar bandas emblemas del estilo asi como nuevas bandas.Si deseas bajar el show a tu pc lo puedes hacer Aqui y si deseas oirlo online en el player abajo.Espero que disfrutes esta edicion.
We are back this time to give you an hour of IndiePop and TweePop you can enjoy classic and new bands of the genre.If you want to download the show please go Here and if you want to listen it online click play on the player below.I hope you enjoy this edition of the radioshow.

 Playlist : 
1) Le Futur Pompiste "my trophy" 
2) The legendary Jim Ruiz Group "last time" 
3) June And The Exit Wounds "highway noise" 
4) True Love Always "stream up" 
5) Peru "archire´s luck is in" 
6) The Lucksmiths "under the rotunda" 
7) Making Marks "barcode" 
8) My Little Pony "skipping down the streets" 
9) Band A Part "sputnik" 10) Heavenly "sort of mine" 
11) Shop Assistants "it´s up to you" 
12) The Cavalcade "for you" 
13) The Wild Swans "when time stood still" 
14) The Ocean Blue "blow my mind" 
15) Seashells "looking after your flowers"

viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 38

De vuelta para oir casi una hora de musica la cual espero que sea de tu agrado.Para oirlo en tu Pc haz click Aqui o lo puedes hacer directo dese el player debajo del texto.Espero que todo sea de tu agrado.
We are back and we hope you enjoy this almost one hour of finest music.If you want ti on your pc please click Here or you can listen directly from this page on the player down.Till the next time.

Playlist :

1)Asta "my heart is on fire"
2)Baden Baden "honigmund"
3)Cucsifae "the sun can shine on you"
4)Keane "the downtown lights"
5)Paul Buchanan "things that we should say"
6)Say Ye Dog "get it"
7)James Young "moondust"
8)Bad Suns "cardiac arrest"
9)Silversun Pickups "skin graph"
10)Barbarossa "turbine"
11)Strawberry Girls "fight club"
12)Xenia Rubinos "hair receding"

domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 37

Y este mes esta dedicado al Deep House,en esta hora de show podras escuchar actos de varios paises,los cuales tiene en comun el hecho de ser canciones con mucho sentimiento y melodia.Si deseas bajaerte el show a tu pc haz click Aqui o si deseas oyendo directo desde el player de abajo.
And this issue is dedicated to Deep House,on this hour of musica you can listen music that is heartful and very emotive.If you want to download the show on your pc go Here and if you want online go to the player below.

Playlist :

1)Chasing Kurt "from the inside" 
2)GusGus "over" 
3)Claptone Feat. Jaw "no eyes" 
4)Tocadisco Feat. Meral Al-Mer "streetgirls"
5)Patrick Reza Feat. Annabel Englud "come alive" 
6)Felix Cartal Feat. Ofelia "new scene" 
7)Clean Bandit "a&e" 
8)Art Of Shades "fall away" 
9)Mogwli Feat. Amber Jolene "back in the day" 
10)Illy Noize Feat. Lisa Flume "what we called love" 
11)Delilah "inside my love"

domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 36

Bienvenid@s,aqui nuevamente para ofrecerte un poco mas de hora en musica.Espero que disfrutes el viaje sonoro que te hemos preparado esta vez.Si deseas oirlo en tu pc haz click Aqui y si lo deseas online en el player abajo.Hasta la proxima oportunidad.
Welcome again,we are here to offer you a bit more than an hour of music.I hope you enjoy the ride that i prepared for you this time.If you want to listen it on your pc make click Here or if you want online then on the player below.See you next time.

 * Tracklist : 

1) Pure Bathing Culture "scotty" 
2) Haerts "wings" 
3) Astrosuka "lienzo violento" 
4) Chvrches "gun" 
5) Le Cassette "tonight"
6) Arcade High "crush" 
7) Azure Blue "when the love is pure and true" 
8) Psychic Twin "strangers" 
9) Dark Furs "sarah" 
10) Generetionals "spinoza" 
11) Wampire "the hearse"
12) Circle "fashion me a drum" 
13) Beach vacations "washintong weather" 
14) From Bubblegum To Sky " hello hello hi" 
15) The Leslies "any day now" 
16) Spring "baby blue"

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 35

Una nueva edicion,probando un nuevo formato de conduccion,espero que sea de tu agrado.Para descargar el programa,hazlo Aqui y si deseas oiro online como siempre en el player abajo.
A new show with a new wind , i hope you like it.If you want to save the show you can make click Here and if you want online as usual go to the player below.


* Tracklist : 
1) Prats "petita i blanca" 
2) Carroll "lead ballon" 
3) The New Raemon "tinieblas,por fin" 
4) Cambriana "the sad facts" 
5) The Pearlfishers "pantohorse" 
6) Boats And Trains "1989" 
7) The Margarets "a farawell to arms" 
8) Headlights "market girl" 
9) I Might Be Wrong "jalopy" 
10) Splendid "dissappointed" 
11) La Feline "wolf and wheel" 
12) Diesisiete "la historia interminable" 
13) Hope And Social "caught in the wake" 
14) Plus Minus "reeling in the years" 
15) Sea Salt "rainey street" 
16) The Cloud Collection "straw man"

sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 34

Regresamos!!!! y esta vez para no desaparecer otra vez (al menos es la idea!).Podras en esta hora de musica oir mucho de Indierock y musica electronica acondicionada al Indie.Actos de todo el mundo con canciones que te haran vibrar.Para guardar el show en tu pc haz click Aqui  y si deseas oirlo online solo dirijete al player de abajo.
We are back!!!!! and this time for good (at least we want it).This hour you can enjoy some cool Indierock tunes and also some Electronic mixed with Indie.If you wanna save the show on your pc please go Here and if you want to listen it here,go to the player.
* Playlist : 
1) The Unwinding Hour "waywards" 
2) Team Me "show me" 
3) Race Horses "my yearaboard" 
4) Hurricane Dean "flat ramdon noise" 
5) Fanfarlo "deconstruction" 
6) The Leisure Society "fight for everyone" 
7) Abby "streets" 
8) Like Swimming "god knows" 
9) Bernhoft "c´mon talk" 
10) The Ruture "can you find a way" 
11) Bear In Heaven "reflection of you" 
12) Diagrams "tall buildings" 
13) Santigold "disparate youth" 
14) Polica "black star" 
15) Purity Ring "loftcries" 
16) Chvrches "gun"

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 33

Luego de una corta pausa,estamos de regreso con el podcast.Para esta vez empezamos con algo de sonidos electronicos para luego dar paso al Indierock y algo de Coldwave.Si deseas descargar el show en tu pc puedes hacerlo directamente desde Aqui y si deseas oir el show de forma directa solo haz click en el player.
After a short vacation we are back with a new podcast.This time we started with some electronic music and after that,we will enjoy some Indie and some Coldwave.If you want this show on your pc just make click Here and if you want to listen online now you can go to the player below.

* Tracklist : 
1) Simply Red "fairground"
2) Action Biker "love for sure"
3) Getaway Drugs "answers"
4) Death In The Afternoon "john who"
5) La Femme "sur la planche"
6) Obk "nada soy sin ti"
7) Trilogia "tus labios"
8) Crusier "the fritz"
9) Studabakerbrown "we breath in"
10) Golden Sun "wind river"
11) Televided "where do you go?"
12) Letting Up Despite Great Fauls "scracht"
13) The psycocandies "east end"
14) Electric Corpse "skeleton horse"

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 32

Para esta vez tenemos un programa el cual esta cargado de experimentacion sonora en varios estilo,para comenzar lo haremos con algo de punk melodioso para terminar con new romantic y creeme es una muy buena combinacion.Puedes descargar el show directo a tu pc Aqui o si deseas oirlo directo desde aqui lo puedes hacer en el player que esta aqui.
This time we have a show fulled with sonic experimentation,we start with melodic punk and by the ned you can listen some new romantic and belive me the mix is really nice.You can donwload the show on your pc Here or listen it here on the player below.

* Tracklist : 
1) Indigo "giugno" 
2) Shineski "sorrow and tears"
3) Artic Flower "cri de cour" 
4) Kittyhawk "the first one" 
5) Stuedabakerbrown "we breathe in" 
6) The Artifacts "faces" 
7) Miyazaki "expectations" 
8) Death In The Afternoon "john who" 
9) WrongKong "my dearest enemy" 
10) Me And My Drummer "heavy weight" 
11) Stagnat Pools "consistency" 
12) The Kvb "captives" 
13) Gracie "silver lining" 
14) Electric Corpse "she let the light in" 
15) Getaway Drugs "answers" 
16) The Blue Nile "headlights on the parade"

martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 31

Han pasado muchas buenas cosas desde el ultimo show,es por eso que no he tenido casi nada de tiempo para poder actualizar el radioshow,pero esto ha de cambiar y es por eso que ahora te encuentras oyend el nuevo programa.Un poco mas de una hora dedicada al Emo en sus diferentes variantes,como para darle buen comienzo al 2013.Si deseas descargar el programa en tu pc lo puedes hacer Aqui y si lo deseas mejor online online ve al player aqui abajo.Como siempre espero que sea de tu agrado.
A lot of thing were going on here since the last show,that is why it´s taook alot to come out,the new issue brings you almost an hour with emo and his different ways of sounds,i think the best way to start the 2013.If you want to have the show on your pc just make clik Here or you can also listen it online on the player down below.I hope you enjoy this hour.

* Tracklist : 
1) Sunny Day Real Estate "faces on disguase" 
2) The Fire Theft "waste time" 
3) Jeremy Enigk "life´s too short" 
4) Anadivine "love,lust and fake integrity" 
5) Time Spend Driving "thin like paper" 
6) Staplegunned "idem" 
7) The Valley Arena "into the lions mouth" 
8) The Reputation "the star of amateur hours" 
9) Estrela "surfacing" 
10) Ettison Clio "eleven fouteen" 
11) The Graduate "i survive" 
12) Nural "tension" 
13) Rival School "used for glue" 
14) Anberlin "a day late" 
15) Sense Field "waiting for something" 
16) Futher Seems Forever "like someone you know"

martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 30

Estamos de regreso con el show,en esta edicion nos hemos centrado en el Indierock,un termino que mas alla de una simple definicion de actitud es un sonido y no solo uno si no mas bien muchos sonido se pueden agrupar desntre de este estilo.Si deseas oir el programa en tu pc haz click Aqui o si deseas puedes oirlo en el player mas abajo.Hasta la proxima!.
We are back with the show and this time we wanted to play Indierock and nothing more.This style is not only a name but there is a lot of different kind of sound that make this music style really rich.If you want to listen the show on your pc please make click Here and if you want to listen it online go to the player below.We hear from each other!

* Playlist :
1)Tourista "requiem"
2)Action Camp "myth"
3)Air Traffic "shooting star"
4)A Silent Film "danny,dakotta and the wishing well"
5)Art In Manila "our addictions"
6)Sexy Shapes "sunshines and soulrises"
7)Autobus "eterno"
8)Bikini Black Special "unit 12"
9)Blackmarket "10and 2"
10)CatPeople "sister"
11)Zoey Van Goey "foxtrox vandals" ´
12)Year Of The Rabbit "burn"
13)World Without Sundays "happines"
14)Two Door Cinema Club "eat that up,its good for you"
15)The Unfinished Sympathy "give up dig down"
16)The Smiths "how soon is now"

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 29

Y regresamos!!!!!!!!!!! para esta vez tendras la oportunidad de oir una hora llena de bandas las cuales practican el estilo del Math-rock,revisando las diferentes variantes dentro de este interesante estilo musical.Si deseas tener el show en tu pc ademas de algunos banners y un poster del tracklist puedes hacer click Aqui y si deseas oirlo online ,debajo tienes la oportunidad de hacerlo en el player.Como siempre espero que esta edicion sea de tu agrado,hasta la proxima.
And we are back!!!!!!!! this time you get the chance to listen more than one hour of Math-rock,taking time to explore the different sound into the style.If you want to have it on your pc with some banner and nice tracklist posters please make click Here and if you want to listen online go down to the player and start to enjoy.As usual i hope you find the show interesting and fun,see you next time.

* Playlist : 
1) Adults,The Ederly And Children "turtles"
2) Brightest Color "intimacy"
3) El Alamein "cycles"
4) Fish Tank "ginny"
5) Like Lions "welcome to seaworld"
6) Lions "arizona the second"
7) Little Shadow "tattoos are for lonely people"
8) Man Your Horse "elastic pants"
9) Minus The Bear "cold company"
10) One Leg Mary "speit gazolin"
11) Postmadonna "whose absinthe is this?"
12) Rapids! "house of sand and fog"
13) So Much Light "abandoned hospital island"
14) Tangled Hair "trains are broken"
15) Cage Match "the same thing"
16) Terraformer "trail of lena"

sábado, 7 de julio de 2012


Asi es nos estamos llendo por cuatro semanas de vacaciones a Peru!!!!!!!!!!!!.Por esta razon no estaremo actualizando esta pagina,si no hasta nuestro regreso.La promesa es que vendremos cargados de muchisimas novedades!!!!!!.
That´s right,we are going on holidays for the next four weeks we are going to be in Peru!!!!!!!!!.That´s why we wouldnt be ale to update this site.The promise is that we will be back with tons of news!!!!!!

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 28

La idea de esta edicion es poder pasar musica que sea solo Hardcore,es asi que contamos con varias de variantes dentro de este estilo.Bandas de Alemania,Reino Unido,Chile y Peru.Si deseas oirlo en tu pc pudes descargar el archivo Aqui o si quieres oirlo directamente desde esta web anda al player de abajo.Hasta la proxima.
The idea of this issue was only play Hardcore,so you can find a bunch of bands playing all kind of sub-genres of that.Bnads from Germany,Uk,Peru and Chile.If you like to have it as a file on your pc please go Here or if you wanna listen from here please go to the player down below.See you next time.

*Playlist :
1) As Enemies Arise "grief"
2) Trapped Under Ice "jail"
3) World Eater "dont care"
4) Count me Out "another year"
5) Nothings Left "everything but reality"
6) Stripmines "politcal correction"
7) Nada Queda "cegados por las mentiras de esta cultura"
8) Final Effort "make my day"
9) Sailing On "ishmael"
10) Caminos "atardecer"
11) Reflections "lo que puedes dar"
12) Endless Heights "glass heart"
13) Pianos Became The Teeth "shared bodies"
14) Empty Handed "perspectives"
15) The Cold Harbour "true love true hate"
16) Circulo Eterno "mentira"

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 27

Como siempre demorando un poco mas de lo previsto...llega una nueva edicion del show.Esta vez esta orientado al Jangle-Pop,en total 14 bandas que exploran los diferentes sonidos de este estilo musical.Si deseas oirlo en tu pc puedes bajartelo aqui Aqui y si deseas oirlo aqui pues le das play abajo.espero que te diviertas oyendo este nueva edicion de EA Radio.
As usual a bit late....this time the show is all about Jangle-Pop,with 14 tracks that explore the different kinds of sound into this style.If you wanna listen it on you pc make click Here and i you wanna online go to the player below.I hope you enjoy the new issue of EA radio.

* Playlist :
1) The Songs "like son"
2) Sleuth "comme des garcons"
3) Literature "push up bra"
4) Young Doctors In Love "the sound of broken glass"
5) New Shots "gotta got along"
6) Brillant at Breakfast "the songwriting song"
7) Baby Talk "the missing part"
8) Triptides "couch surfer"
9) Cassolette "stay heavy"
10) Nine Stories "sea shanty"
11) Milky Wimpshake "broken again"
12) Lama Mir "say you need me"
13) Friends "you will never see that summertime again"
14) Dark Ocean Colors "my barbara closed the doors"

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

Entes Anomicos radioShow # 26

Esta edicion del show es bastante especial,ya que es la primera vez que contamos con la participacion de alguien el cual tomo sus temas favoritos e hizo un playlist.Mi buena amiga Viviane Vog,es quien nos entrega una lista con sus canciones preferidas.Ella esta inmersa dentro del estilo Dark,Gotico y Ebm.Y eso es lo que esta vez podras oir.90 minutos de estos estilos.Si deseas oir el programa como archvio en tu pc puedes hacer click Aqui y deseas oirlo online haz click en el payer abajo.Esperamos entonces que te guste esta seleccionde musica.
This issue of the show is very special,is the firts time i have a guest on the show,who is making the whole playlist.My good friend Viviane Vog,took all their favorite tunes and turn into a great selection of music.She is into Dark.Gothic and Ebm.And so this time youre able to listen those music styles in more than 90 minutes.if you want the show as mp3 in your pc please make click
Here and if you wanna listen online go to the player below.We hope you enjoy the music selection.

* Playlist :
1) Chandeen "shadow fade"
2) The Ravettones "ignite"
3) Black Rebel Motorcyrcle Club "lien in your bed"
4) Play Dead "isobel"
5) The Lams "99"
6) Spanking Machine "permission"
7) Cranes "avenue a"
8) Sophya "fifty four"
9) The Frozen Autumn "rallentears"
10) Suspiria "all in pieces"
11) The Birthday Massacre "always"
12) Morthem Vlade Art "absente & terebenthine"
13) The Breath Of Life "mirror eyes"
14) Ladytron "runaway"
15) The Jesus And Mary Chain "up too high"
16) Diva Suicide "she cries lullabies"
17) Faith Over reason "so free"
18) Ayria "heart of bullets"

sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 25

Este en el primer show del 2012 al final hubo una demora para poder publicar el show debido a que mi computadora murio y tuve que conseguir otra.Esta vez empezamos con mucho Indie-rock,Punk ademas de algo de Hardcore y Math-rock.Descargalo todo Aqui y si lo deseas oir online abajo lo podras hacer.
We are back with the first show of 2012.As usual in the end we are too late with the show but my pc dies so i needed to get a new one.This time a lot of Indie-Rock,Punk and some Hardcore and Math-Rock.Download all Here and to listen online go down to the player.

* Lista De Temas/Playlist :
1) We Cant Enjoy Ourselves "miss maris morris"
2) Viva Mars "intentionalism"
3) Tran Megetti "opposite of techno"
4) Turkish Techno "without you"
5) Bangers "church street in ruin"
6) Band of Beards "the first one"
7) Ameaca Cigana "a pahla do motim"
8) Gewaped Beton "killing nights"
9) Boarders "neon birds"
10) Boxer The Horse "marry meet the pilot"
11) Fujiya And Miyagi "tinsel and glitter"
12) Battles "my machines"
13) The Chameleons "up the down escalator"
14) Editors "munich"
15) Wot Gorilla? "fear of flying"
16) The Bulletproof Tiger "an awkward moment with a grilled cheese sandwich"

domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Entes Anomicos radioShow # 24

Despues de una larga e involuntaria pausa,regresamos esta vez con mucho Jangle-Pop,Punk,Postcore y Math-Rock,si deseas hacerte del archivo en mp3 haz click Aqui y si lo deseas oir online entonces haz click en el player abajo.Espero que sea de tu agrado el nuevo show.
After a log stop,we are back fulled with Jangle-Pop,Punk,Postcore and Math-Rock,if you want the show as mp3 please make click
Here and if you want to listen here make click on the player below.I hope you enjoy the new show.

* Lista De temas/Playlist :
1) Cruel Summer "whute flag"
2) Boarders "cardamon"
3) Houndsds "alone"
4) New Shouts "gotta get along"
5) Pet Milk "paint a rainbow"
6) Big Eyes "pretend to care"
7) Inyectores "dias oscuros"
8) Arruinado pero Feliz "temporal"
9) Daylight Robbery "white sheets in the streets"
10) Doll Eyes "nola"
11) Inlieu "a good man gone blind"
12) Fellow Project "mercy shot"
13) Wot Gorrilla? "fear of flying"
14) The Clippers "boku and chevre"
15) The Speed Of Sound In Seawater "hot and botherer"
16) Icarus The Owl "running from lacuna"

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 23

Para esta oportunidad el show esta centrado en el Emo-Punk,Punk Melodico,algo de Emo y Screamo/Postcore,mucho de Hardcore y para finalizar Post-Rock instrumental. Para poder tener el show en tu Pc como mp3 con tracklist y banners puedes hacer click Aqui y para oirlo aqui mismo entonces dale click al player abajo.Nos oimos en cuatro semanas.


This time the show is alla bout Emo-Punk,Melodic Punk some Emo,Screamo/Postcore a lot of Hardcore and in the end Instrumental Post-Rock.If you want the show on your pc please make click Here and to listen here make click on the player below.We hear us in four weeks.

*Playlist :
1) Samian "demon"
2) Starmarket "orbit"
3) Angels Heart "untitled"
4) Boas Teitas "volver a mi hogar"
5) City Sleeps "prototype"
6) Face Tomorrow "72 dpi"
7) Sparta "breaking the broken"
8) Anberlin "glass to the arson"
9) As Tall As Lions "if im not out burning"
10) Haram "fade away"
11) I Not Dance " empty cold queen"
12) Billy The Kid "boogie nights"
13) Custodia "la batalla"
14) Bitter Verses "destiny calls"
15) En Contra De Todo "solo tu decides quien ser"
16) Scale The Summit "sargasso sea"

sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 22

Aqui vamos de nuevo,en primer lugar,pedir disculpas por la demora de esta edicion,espero esto ya no vuelva a pasar (o al menos no tan seguido).En esta oportunidad algo de Tweepop,New Wave,Indiereock,Postcore.Si deseas descargar el show en tu pc como mp3,lo puedes hacer Aqui y si deseas oirlo onlie usa el player aqui abajo.Espero como siempre que te diviertas al oir el programa.
Her we go again,first at all i wanna say sorry for the delay on the new show i hope this dont happen again (but i cant promise naything).This time we listen Tweepop,New Wave,Indiereock,Postcore.As usual if you wanna download the show on your pc please go
Here and to listen online go to the player here down.I hope you have fun listen the show.

*Playlist :
1) True Love Always "torch"
2) Brain "understand"
3) Cooper "circulo polar"
4) Even As We Speak "04-100"
5) Bossanova "calvary"
6) The House Of Love "i dont know why i love you"
7) The Black Tapes "black night"
8) Highschool Nightmare "trick or treat"
9) Daytrader "last days of rome"
10) Criteria "the life"
11) The Honorary Title bridge and tunnel"
12) Teleradio Donoso" pitica"
13) Gustavo Cerati "la excepcion"
14) Hypernova "universal"
15) Eisley "golly sandra"
16) Alexi Murdcoh "dreaming about flying"